I am always interested in speaking with self-motivated, enthusiastic students with a strong academic record in Earth/Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography, Ecology or Biogeography about potential graduate projects.

If you are interested the MSc or PhD program, please contact Dr Sarah Finkelstein with your resume and a brief description of your background and interests. Please read the information about graduate education at UofT provided by the School of Graduate Studies and the Departments of Earth Sciences and Geography. Please check your eligibility for graduate admission carefully.

Undergraduate students at U of T may get involved in research projects in the lab through the Faculty of Arts and Science Research Opportunity Program, the University’s Work-Study Program, summer internships funded by NSERC-USRA or the UofT Centre for Global Change Science.

Mailing address:

Dr Sarah Finkelstein
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto
22 Russell Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3B1
Office phone: +1.416.978.5613
Fax: +1.416.978.3938