Mailing address:

Dr Sarah Finkelstein
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto
22 Ursula Franklin Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3B1
Office phone: +1.416.978.5613
Fax: +1.416.978.3938

Opportunities in the lab

One PhD position is available for a student with interests in Quaternary science, paleoclimatology and paleoecology to further develop our group’s investigations of sub-till organic deposits of Pleistocene age in Northern Ontario and Northern Manitoba. These deposits provide important archives of Pleistocene interglacial and interstadial environments and we are using them to better understand ice sheet dynamics, climate forcing, peatland dynamics and carbon cycling through the Quaternary ice ages. Applicants must have an MSc in Quaternary science (or related discipline such as Earth Sciences, Geology or Physical Geography) and demonstrated expertise in geochronology, Quaternary stratigraphy, Quaternary paleoclimate, AND/OR proxy-based reconstructions using pollen or other microfossils. The incumbent must also be comfortable with field work in remote regions, lab work for sediment processing, and be willing to learn skills for quantitative analyses of resulting datasets using multivariate and spatial statistics.

If you are interested this PhD position, please check your eligibility for graduate admission carefully by reading the UofT’s School of Graduate Studies information on preparing your application ( Please then contact Dr Sarah Finkelstein with your CV and a brief description of how your background and interests fit in with the above project. Further information about graduate education at UofT is provided by the Departments of Earth Sciences ( and Geography (